August 4, 2020

Can’t pay your rent? The Partnership can provide assistance.

Whether you are a New Yorker who is low-income, recently out of work, undocumented or you need to move because of domestic or gender-based violence, The Partnership provides financial assistance, tenant/landlord mediation and/or legal referrals, as well as a range of supportive services.

To immediately get your case on its way, click here .

Include your supporting paperwork that shows who you are, where you live, what you owe and your income. (Each category allows for multiple options, including a verification letter from your legal/advocacy/community organization.)

For assistance, questions or more information, call us today at 212.645.3444 or email info@pfth.org

¿No puede pagar su alquiler? En Partnership le podemos ayudar.

Si sus ingresos son bajos, si ha perdido su empleo, si es indocumentado o
necesita mudarse debido a violencia doméstica o de género, le podemos

Para poner su caso en marcha inmediatamente, oprima aquí.

Partnership le puede brindar ayuda financiera, servicios de mediación
en disputas entre propietario e inquilino y/o referidos a servicios
legales, y a un sinnúmero de servicios de apoyo.

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