The Partnership for the Homeless

Why East New York?

A Community in Need

frcWe located the Family Resource Center in East New York, Brooklyn, because it's a neighborhood of high need – and a place for us to understand the multiplicity of factors driving family homelessness and to test strategies that will ultimately prevent families from falling into homelessness in the first place.

East New York has one of the largest proportions of any neighborhood in New York City of homeless families, families recently moving from shelter, and families who are at substantial risk of homelessness. In fact, more than one in three families are poor and nearly 40% of children live in poverty.

Our experience in East New York supports the dire need for locating our program there. Most Family Resource Center clients are the lowest-income families - those receiving or attempting to access public benefits or working in low-paying service or temporary jobs that do not offer health insurance, with ninety-eight percent of their children eligible for free lunch.

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