The Partnership for the Homeless

Urban Gardening on Randall’s Island

Bloomberg L.P. hosts Urban Gardening on Randall’sIsland--- a learning experience for children.


August 17th was a beautiful sunny day. As the bus from East New York approached Randall’sIsland the faces of the 18 children on the bus lit up with eager excitement. This was such a welcome change from the routine of the claustrophobic shelter existence!   

They were visiting the island to learn the joys of urban gardening. At first they fed the chicken. Bagel, a black and white hen soon became their favorite. Next they learnt how to work with mulch and compost. A highlight of the day’s activities was using a bicycle to power a blender to create smoothies with watermelon and strawberries picked straight from the garden. 

The children learnt many great lessons through out the day. The highlight was learning that growing fruit, berries, herbs and melons can be fun.

We wish to thank Bloomberg L.P. as our partner in this venture