The Partnership for the Homeless

Four-Star Thanksgiving

"I was more than happy to do this for people that needed a little reminder that they do matter to us." - George Duran

George & GuestOn November 18, 50 homeless men and women sat down to a traditional Thanksgiving meal created and prepared for them by master chef George Duran, host of TLC'sUltimate Cake Off and author of Take This Dish and Twist It.

"It's easy to forget how lucky we are sometimes. Nobody should be going hungry today and it's happening all across our country," George said following the event. 

The guests were treated to a four-star dining experience at the beautiful Institute of Culinary Education. The abundance of food George prepared was enough for not just seconds and thirds, but leftovers for guests to take with them.

Special thanks to the Institute of Culinary Education for hosting the event and providing volunteers, to photographer Deborah Feingold for taking pictures, to Walnut Creek Foods for providing the turkeys and Natural Gourmet InstituteCorcoran Sunshine and Fairway for providing the “fixings”!

To view more photos of the event, go to our flickr page.