The Partnership for the Homeless

Preventing Homelessness

Felicia couldn't believe what she was hearing. The hospital treating her 8-year old son Qualeek for brain cancer would not release him to her. The reason: no heat or hot water in their apartment.


Felicia came for help, exhausted and overwhelmed, to our Family Resource Center. She was fearful the family would be forced into a shelter, an experience they had endured once before and she vowed never to repeat.

Our staff leapt into action. First, they went to work on the landlord and the power company, getting the heat and hot water turned back on.

It was a bittersweet day when little Qualeek was finally sent home to his mom and four siblings. The family was together again but they had a long road ahead of them to combat his cancer. And they knew after this latest ordeal that they needed to find a new apartment—one that could become a safe, secure home where the family could begin to recover.

Felicia was working two part-time jobs and barely making ends meet. Before Qualeek was diagnosed with cancer, she had been coping with her 15-year old daughter’s heart condition that required surgery. And while they were living in a some pretty horrible housing conditions, it was all she could possibly afford. Her family was tight knit, but being stretched thin by one calamity after another.

Our staff jumped in to help her through the maze of paperwork for a crucial housing subsidy that would help make the rent more manageable. At her side every step of the way for months, the staff advocated with multiple government agencies on her behalf. Once approved, they helped her find a new apartment and negotiate with the new landlord. Finally the family’s housing ordeal ended…and their homelessness was prevented.

Now Felicia and her family are settled into their new home, they have still have many challenges ahead of them. But they also have reason to hope and the will to continue. And they know our staff is ready and able to help them out if they need it.

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