The Partnership for the Homeless

Partnership VP Testifies at City Council Hearing

Advocates for Reform in HIV/AIDS Services Administration

The City’s HIV/AIDS Services Administration (HASA) was set up to be a resource and support to people living with HIV and AIDS in New York City, including those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Through our work at Positive Step, we have found that, due to often arbitrary decisions, lack of consistent practice, and policies, HASA has become more of a barrier than an asset to obtaining permanent housing for people living with HIV/AIDS. The Partnership for the Homeless and other organizations that work with people experiencing housing instability have been advocating with the Human Resources Administration and City Council for more transparency and oversight for HASA. 

On Wednesday, Scott Cotenoff, Senior Vice President of Programs & New Initiatives, testified about these issues at a hearing of the City Council’s General Welfare Committee. In addition, the Partnership for the Homeless has requested, through New York’s Freedom of Information Law, documents from HASA in an attempt to see whether certain policies exist and whether current practices are consistent with these policies.

Read Scott Cotenoff's full testimony